Research & Development

Our R&D team of food scientists and technologists are well equipped with an application lab to provide technical services for problem solving, developing new formulations, providing regulatory advice and offering innovation ideas to our customers.

Our technical capabilities include:


1. Research

We create value for our clients by thoroughly understanding and keeping up to date with technical food ingredients and food processing methods. By having the necessary understanding, we are able to provide product and process solutions which are effective and efficient.


2. Development

In addition to representing some of the world's leading brands, we also add value by developing our own customised ingredient blends to adapt to local market requirements. Moreover, we have the capability to modify or adjust the formulation of our products in order to suit our client's specific needs. 


3. Application

We readily offer ingredients application support to our clients by working closely with them on applying ingredients accurately into their product formulation and processes. Our team can assist with laboratory or pilot work on formulating and developing finished products and also with scaling up to production start­up.


4. Technical Service

We readily provide information and support for enquiries on ingredients, applications, processes and troubleshoot any issues our clients may encounter. Our technical team is backed directly by our extensive principal network, offering comprehensive R&D and applications capabilities from across the globe. We offer products that comply with regulatory requirements and can provide the relevant supporting documents for seamless application. We strive to develop solutions that can enhance the quality of food products, offer cost effective benefits, and uncovering innovations that lead to exciting first-to-market products.