At Markaids, we have made it our business to excel in delivering outstanding ingredients and solutions for healthier food products such as fibre and collagen fortification.

Minerals • For the enrichment of with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium or phosphorus
• Anti-caking and promotes free-flowing
Collagen • Hydrolysed fish collagen
• Enhances skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging by reducing wrinkles
• Promotes and repairs joint by increasing joint mobility and flexibility
Fibres • Fibre enrichment
• Anti-caking
Soy Proteins • Protein enrichment

• Prebiotics

• Fibre enrichment

• Bifidogenic effect

Stevia • Zero-calorie, natural high-intensity sweetener
Sucralose • Zero-calorie, synthetic high-intensity sweetener
Gum Acacia • Stabiliser
• Bulking agent
Xanthan Gum • Thickener
• Stabiliser
Cellulose Gum • Thickener
• Stabiliser
Flavours • Provides a range of sweet and savoury flavours
Colours • Natural colours
• Synthetic colours
Tailor-made Formulations    • Complete fibre blend                                                                                                 
Juice Powders • Wide range of fruit juice and vegetable powders