Markaids provides solutions for processed meat up to the finest details as it offers quick and effective solutions to meet customer and market requirements, taking into account the costs and quality of the final product, as well as texture and water-binding.

Phosphate • Improves water-holding capacity
• Improves firmness and tenderness
• Less oxidative deterioration
Soy Protein • Texture improvement
• Improves moisture retention
• As an emulsifier
Custom Blend • Shape stability, reduce shrinkage, prevent fat and moisture migration
• Improves firmness and bounciness
Fibres • Capable in absorbing water and oil
• Good moisture retention
• Forms network to improve shape stability
Modified Starches • Increases product juiciness
• Improves firmness in texture
• Improves freeze-thaw stability, reducing ice crystal formation and dryness
Flavours and Seasonings   • Provide a range of sweet and savoury flavours
Flavour Enhancer • MSG-free and clean label
• Boosts-up savoury notes with a rounded profile
Spices • Oleoresin and aquaresin
• Powdered spices
Colours • Synthetic colours
• Natural colours
Preservatives • Curing salt (Processed meat only)
• Anti-oxidant (Prevents rancidity and discolouration
• Prevent rancidity and discolouration
Antioxidant • Prevent rancidity and discolouration