Markaids offers solutions to meet dairy application requirements, always taking into account the costs and quality of the final product, as well as properties such as texture, syneresis control, stability, homogeneity, consistency and other specific characteristics.

Buffering Phosphates    • Protects milk proteins from destabilisation during heat treatment
• Avoid fouling on heat exchangers during milk processing
• Prevents protein agglomeration during storage and age-gelation
• pH buffering and binding of free ions (such calcium)
Colloidal MCC • Particle stabilisation (cocoa, calcium, grain, nut and tea powders) in milk and dairy-like products
• Enhances mouthfeel in reduced-fat or reduced-protein condensed milk and creamers
Cellulose Gum • Enhances mouthfeel and stabilises casein in acidified milk and yoghurt drinks
• Controls ice crystal development, improves texture and stability in ice-creams and sorbets
Minerals • For the enrichment of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium or phosphorus
Modified Starches • Enhances the smooth, thick and creamy texture in yoghurts, condensed milk, ice-creams and puddings
• Stable through a variety of heating and acidic conditions
Flavours • Provides a range of sweet & savoury flavours
Colours • Synthetic colours
• Natural colours
• Colour blends
Sucralose • Zero-calorie, synthetic high-intensity sweetener
Stevia • Zero-calorie, natural high-intensity sweetener
Collagen • Hydolysed fish collagen
• Enhances skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging by reducing wrinkles
• Promotes and repairs joint by increasing joint mobility and flexibility
Emulsifying Salts             • Produces a homogenous emulsion
Polydextrose • Soluble fibre which is bifidogenic