Markaids continues to find solutions to fulfill customer needs by always taking into account the cost and quality of the final beverage product, as well as properties such as viscosity, mouthfeel, stability, particle suspension and other specific characteristics.

Minerals • For the enrichment of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium or phosphorus
Collagen • Hydrolysed fish collagen
• Enhances skin elasticity and reduce signs of aging by reducing wrinkles
• Promote and repair joints by increasing joint mobility and flexibility
Fibres • Fibre enrichment from nature - wheat, oats, plants or apples
• Enhances satiety and promotes regular bowel movement
Polydextrose • Clear, heat-stable and acid-stable fibre enrichment of drinks, without affecting clarity or transparency
• Bifidogenic, prebiotic and completely soluble
Xanthan Gum • Enhances the mouthfeel and viscosity in drinks, providing body and texture to cordials, concentrates and juices
Cellulose Gum • Provides an exceptionally clean-tasting body to juice drinks, with crystal-clear solubility
• Enhances mouthfeel in instant beverages (e.g. 3-in-1 coffee and cocoa drinks)
Instant Starches • Provides body and mouth-feel to instant cereal drinks
Flavours • Provides a wide range of sweet & savoury flavours
Colours • Natural colours
• Synthetic colours
• Blended colours
Stevia • Zero-calorie, natural high-intensity sweetener
Sucralose • Zero-calorie, natural high-intensity sweetener
Gum Acacia • Provides mouthfeel
Anti-caking Agents • Provides free-flowing properties in powder premixes