Markaids continuously work with vegetarian customers to develop solutions on their meat analogue products by focusing on flavour, texture and freeze-thaw stability of the final product.

Soy Protein • Texture improvement
• Meat analogue in vegetarian product
• Improves moisture retention
• As an emulsifier
Custom Blend • Shape stability, reduces shrinkage, prevents fat and moisture migration.
• Improves firmness and bounciness
Fibres • Capable in absorbing water and oil
• Good moisture retention
• Forms networks to improve shape stability
Modified Starches • Increases product juiciness
• Improves firmness in texture
• Improves freeze-thaw stability, reducing ice crystal formation and dryness
Flavour & Seasoning • Provides a range of sweet and savoury flavours
Flavour Enhancer            • Boosts-up savoury notes with rounded profiles (MSG-free and clean label)
Spices • Powdered spices (Oleoresin and Aquaresin)