Markaids is confident to bring you world-leading solutions to keep your seafood as fresh as possible. No hidden ingredients, no added surprises! Just fresh seafood. Our solutions focus on moisture control, water solubility, preservation, antioxidant effects and melanosis prevention of the seafood product.

Moisture Retainer • Restores and maintains juiciness of the seafood
• Improves texture and prevents "drying-out" after cooking
• Reduces drip-loss 
• Phosphate, non-phosphate and E-number free solutions available
• Controlled, reliable parameters for optimal yield in shrimps, cephalopods, fishes, molluscs and other crustaceans         
Black-spot Inhibitors • Keeps crustaceans looking freshly-caught
• Prevents the blackening of the crustaceans
• Inhibits the development of unsightly patches on the shell, due to melanosis
• Easy to handle, low and sulfite-free options available
• Does not alter flavour or bite
Glazes • Forms a protective layer over fish, shrimp or cephalopods during frozen storage
• Prevents quality deterioration caused by dehydration during the freezing process
• Reduces drip-loss and prevents ice-burns
• Adds elasticity to the frozen glaze, to prevent ice breakage and damage
• Avoids frosting
• Adds to a shiny, attractive appearance of the frozen product
Whiteners • Whiten cephalopods to maintain their natural colour
• Prevents unwanted discolouration
• Easy to handle and easy to dilute without the risk of causing burns to the product surface
Battermixes & Coatings     • Providing crispiness
• Reduced oil pick-up
• Good adhesion
• Better coating system