Markaids develops limitless possibilities of solutions for bakeries to meet customer needs by focusing on volume, breakage reduction, texture and freeze-thaw stability of the final product.

Leavening Acids • Anti-caking and promotes free-flowing
Xanthan Gum • Moisture retention
• Freeze-thaw stability
• Volume and texture improvement 
Cellulose Gum • Moisture retention
Fibres • Resistant to breakage in biscuits
• Fresh-keeping
• Freeze-thaw stability
• Moisture retention
• Texture improvement
• Fibre-enrichment
Modified Starches    • Stabiliser and thickener
• Bake-stable
• Freeze-thaw stability
• Texture improvement
• Mouthfeel improvement
HPMC • Gluten-free baked goods
• Bake-stable
• Texture improvement
• Freeze-thaw stability
Yeast Extract • Flavour enhancer
Flavours • Provides a wide range of sweet & savoury flavours
Colours • Synthetic colours
• Natural colours
Polydextrose   • Soluble fibre
• Humectant
Stevia Zero-calorie, natural high-intensity sweetener
Sucralose Zero-calorie, natural high-intensity sweetener
Minerals          For the enrichment of calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium or phosphorus